15 Celebrities Whose Siblings Are as Attractive as They Are

Gigi and Bella Hadid and their brother Anwar

American models Gigi and Bella have a brother named Anwar who is also a fashion model and TV personality. Anwar was named the face of Hugo Boss Menswear’s HUGO line in 2017. The Hadid siblings also have 2 older half-sisters.

Harry Styles and his sister Gemma

Member of the boy band “One Direction,” Harry has an older sister named Gemma as well as a stepbrother, Mike, and a stepsister, Amy. Gemma sometimes appears with her celebrity brother at public events and always looks gorgeous.

Chris Hemsworth and his brothers Luke and Liam

Can you tell which of these 3 handsome guys is Chris? Yes, the right in the center. Liam and Luke are also actors. Liam acted in The Hunger Games film series, while Luke can be seen in series like Westworld and Neighbours.

Do you have siblings? What kind of relationship do you have with them? Please show their photos to us in the comments.

Credit: brightside.me