20+ Animals That We Want to Hug and Never Let Go

People who have pets live longer and have better health. It was found that elderly cat and dog owners visit doctors 21% less often than people who don’t have a fluffy friend. And people who suffer from hypertension experience relief and their blood pressure decreases while interacting with animals. But this doesn’t surprise us. Just take a look at the pictures that we’ve collected and you’ll realize that problems and stress can’t hold a candle to cut pets’ charm.

Bright Side has another big dose of furry “medicine” that should be taken on dull mornings.

23. “My cat looks like he just told his favorite joke and he’s so proud of himself.”

22. Those paws…

21. “It stopped raining but he wanted to jump in puddles so he wore his raincoat anyway.”

20. “This is my sweet little old lady. She has some joint pain and takes pain meds daily. We found that letting her soak in warm water helps her a ton!”

20+ Animals That We Want to Hug and Never Let Go

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