23 Stunning Models With Genetic Disorders Who Broke Conventional Beauty Standards

The perception of beauty has been significantly distorted by cosmetic companies promoting flawless bodies and perfect figures. However, things are never perfect in real life.


Many people are born with genetic disorders that make them unfit according to conventional beauty standards. Some find this depressing, others rise to the challenge and show the world that beauty can’t be objectified.



This post is dedicated to the later category. Listed up in this post are photos of over 23 models who accept their genetic disorders as a part of themselves and they look and feel beautiful being who they are!

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.



    1. 1Ilka Brühl


      Ilka says, “I think EVERYBODY is beautiful in her or his own way,” writes 26-year-old German model Ilka Brühl. “There is only one way to be ugly: by having an ugly character.”

      Ilka was born with ectodermal dysplasia. It’s a rare genetic disorder that gave her a facial cleft and irregularity with her ears.

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