30 Times When People Caught Doing Really Stupid People Things

There was a time when photography wasn’t that easy. If you are a 90’s kid then surely you know the time of reels operated cameras and photographic negatives. We only had a limited number of pictures available on a single reel and even those were not instantly viewable. And we had to wait for a few days until our negatives were processed to see our captured photographs. The upside was that people didn’t waste their pictures on stupid and weird things and they captured some good memories that were worth the effort.


Now, times have changed drastically. Much simpler life then has become so much more complex.  With the advent of digital pictures and the last blow of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, people around the globe are caught doing really stupid things. That’s why their photos instantly become viral on the internet. Scroll on to see almost 32 such photos that we have listed below and enjoy peeps!

    1. 1I’ve decided what I want to be on Halloween.

    2. 2Even the snakes are watching you now.

    1. 3This just doesn’t make any sense.

    1. 4I hope nothing happened to him.

    1. 5Why don’t people understand that snake aren’t meant to be pets.

    1. 6She must have had the craziest night of her life.

    1. 7So my friend got drunk and bet me he could fit an entire box of straws in his mouth…did not disappoint.

    2. 8Only in Thailand.

    1. 9Some people just can’t hold their liquor.

    1. 10When two idiots meet.

    1. 11I don’t think they share a brain cell between them.

    2. 12Loafers. ROFL!

    1. 13That’s me at the end of the month.

    2. 14Time to get your weekend on.

    1. 15Going home from work on a Friday.

    1. 16When you wanna die but you have to make it look like an accident.

    1. 17You could’ve done that in the bathroom.

    2. 18The look on his face says it all.

    1. 19They should’ve paid attention in chemistry class.

    1. 20That’s one mistake away from disaster.

    1. 21That’s exactly why men don’t live longer.

    2. 22The biggest piece of crap on the road.

    1. 23Hasn’t this guy ever seen a cartoon.

    2. 24I can’t look at this.

    1. 25It’s cool until it isn’t.

    2. 26That was the last we saw of Doug.

    1. 27Bro logic.

    2. 28I hope their windshield survived the trip.

    1. 29That’s when we started calling him Kelly.

    2. 30He should’ve watch some cartoons as a kid.

  1. 31He’s gonna smell that one in his dreams.

    credit :bemethis

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