9 Things We Keep Doing Every Day Without Realizing How Dangerous They Are

Humans have a sense that helps them predict when they will be in danger. However, not all situations can be predicted, especially with things we do every day that we believe are harmless, like being on our phone all the time, for example.

Bright Side found 9 things that we do every day that might be putting us in danger.

1. Drinking out of plastic bottles

Microplastics can be found in a large number of plastic bottles. These microplastics are threatening to human health. These components found in plastic bottles can decrease fertility, increase body fat, have a negative impact on the nervous and immune systems, affect male genital development, encourage childhood obesity, and increase the chances of developing cardiovascular disease. These bottles are even more harmful to children.

2. Using dry cleaned clothes

Dry cleaning is a chemical process. A lot of dangerous chemicals are used when dry cleaning clothes and some can stick to the fabric. When inhaling these chemicals, there’s a chance you could get respiratory and eye irritations, headaches, dizziness, and vision problems.

3. Holding sneezes

You should never hold a sneeze. If you hold it, there’s a chance you could rupture your eardrum with the air that sneezing sends to your ears. Controlling your sneezes may also cause your blood vessels in your eyes, nose, and eardrums to squeeze and burst.

4. Using perfumes full of chemicals

9 Things We Keep Doing Every Day Without Realizing How Dangerous They Are

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