A Pigeon Who Can’t Fly Met a Puppy Who Can’t Walk, and They’ve Become Best Friends Forever

To be best friends doesn’t always mean to look or act the same way. On the contrary, you can make a great team even if you are completely different, and the pair we’re going to tell you about is a perfect example of this type of friendship.

We at Bright Side would love to tell you the story of Herman the pigeon and Lundy the puppy who have proven that true friendship knows no boundaries.

The pigeon who can’t fly

Back in 2018, a pigeon was brought to The Mia Foundation, a rescue organization for animals with birth defects, that is located in Rochester, New York. The pigeon was found in a parking lot where he sat right on the pavement for 3 days, motionless.

His rescuers realized that he couldn’t fly and wanted to euthanize him, but Sue Rogers, the founder of the rescue, decided to take care of him herself.

For a while, she fed Herman (that’s what they called the pigeon) with the help of a tube and took him outside every day to help him recover more quickly. Soon he regained his strength, but, unfortunately, he never got back his ability to fly. That’s how Herman became a permanent resident at The Mia Foundation.

Being a full member of The Mia Foundation, Herman gets involved in lots of its daily activities. So when over a year later, in January 2020, a 4-week-old Chihuahua puppy arrived at the organization, Herman was one of the first fellow animals who met him.

The dog who can’t walk

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