A Pigeon Who Can’t Fly Met a Puppy Who Can’t Walk, and They’ve Become Best Friends Forever

Lundy the puppy was brought to the foundation by a breeder from North Carolina who had noticed that the dog was having problems with walking. When Lundy completely lost the use of his rear legs, the breeder called Rogers to ask if she could take him in, and she agreed.

When he just arrived to the rescue, 6-ounce Lundy was so tiny that he could easily fit into a shirt pocket. The vets are not sure what is wrong with him yet. They are thinking that he probably suffers from hydrocephalus, a condition that mostly affects small dogs and that may lead to brain damage.

Love at first sight

After one of her regular walks with Herman, Rogers set the bird on a dog bed and started caring for Lundy. Then she put the little puppy in the same bed, and the 2 animals finally met each other.

At first, Rogers was a little bit unsure of how they would react to each other, so she kept an eye on them. But it turned out that she had no reason to be concerned — to her amazement, the pair started cuddling almost immediately. The moment was so sweet that Rogers quickly grabbed a camera and snapped a few photos. Later she posted them on Facebook.

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