Woman Uses Photoshop To Show How She’d Look If She Had The ‘Perfect’ Body Throughout History

In the never-ending cycle of the fashion world, designers try to stand out from the rest in the hopes that their new looks will be the next big thing, or at least they’ll ring a bell with a specific crowd. It seems that fashion trends tend to change every 5 minutes. That’s why in order to be different, they overlook problems that are, oh! So obvious once they reach production, or sometimes even later when they are just “too out there.”

From hilarious letter combos that slipped through bored designer’s eyes to the most inappropriate crotch patterns to, our curated list below is filled with the most extraordinary clothing design fails that were ever caught on camera. We bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post.  Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

1Yeah definitely wouldn’t wear that


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